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Keba Joy Solange Williams was born on February 10, 1989 on the twin-island of Trinidad and Tobago. Although we know her today as a gifted singer/songwriter, Keba displayed strong musical inclination from a young age on her first instrument, the clarinet. She studied privately under Judith Clement and won multiple competitions on a national level. Upon entering high school, she also joined the school's choir and steel orchestra. After completing high school in Trinidad, Keba moved to the United States where she began her college education at sixteen as a pre-med major. She was not ready to abandon her years of musical development, so she enrolled herself in music courses in her second semester.

In 2008, Keba transferred to Florida International University where she was accepted into both the Pre-Med Chemistry and Vocal departments. Naturally, she loved music but did not want to drop her pre-med courses for fear of disappointing her parents and to an extent herself, by not finishing what she’d started. Her indecision prompted her to pursue a dual degree. In 2010, Keba graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Phi Beta Kappa, and in 2011 she graduated with her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Cum Laude.

In 2011, Keba also met a producer by the name of Erik Nunez at Animal Music Studios where she was called to record a demo for an Axe commercial. It would be her first time stepping foot into a recording studio. Erik, who produced R&B/Funk music, took interest in Keba as a vocalist and they began sharing some of their individual work. Both fans of each other's music, it was not long before the two came together to begin creating Keba’s debut album entitled Wildfire. The album was released on January 12, 2013 in the United States.

Wildfire is a fusion of R&B, Soul and Funk. It brings together the various musical influences Keba found in classic artists like Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker and many more. Since the release of Wildfire, Keba has taken Miami by storm; headlining venues such as The Stage, Luna Star Cafe, Avenue D Jazz & Blues Club, Brickell Irish Pub, Clandestino Pub, Rokbar, Le Baoli, Open Stage Club, Van Dyke Café and Pax.

In the Summer of 2013, she even took her show to California winning a host of new fans along the West Coast through a series of live performances in the cities of San Jose, San Francisco and L.A. Keba is set on blazing a trail of her own with Wildfire as she introduces the world to her fire...her music.