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The Gig
is a half-hour television program focused on featuring local musicians of all genres and exposing them to South Florida community.  Like a snowball rolling down a hill, The Gig has grown from the originally requested four minute webisodes to a full-fletched proposed media series. The Gig had been an idea mulling in producer Rob Reep’s head for several years. Early in 2013, an opportunity arose and he partnered with Norman Silva to write up a proposal.  The proposal was well-received.

After getting the green light and encouragement from their supervisor, Jeff Huff, they got to work on turning the proposal into the webisodes.  There was one caveat.  There was no budget for the project.  They were allowed to use what was in the WPBT2 building and only fulltime staff. The first thing on the agenda was finding a host. They turned to a coworker whose daughter had some television experience. They brought her in to audition and she was exactly what was needed of the host for The Gig, young, outgoing, musically talented and very rock-n-roll.  Rob and Norman offered Shannon O’Connor the opportunity.  She graciously accepted.  

Shannon on Set with Vesper Nine

The next step was to schedule the many aspects of producing a program.  They held meetings with the production supervisor, Carmelo Rodriguez, and production administrator, Frances Hernandez, to meticulously work on a schedule for package shoots, rehearsals, studio shoot and editing.  An added hitch was working with the band’s schedule.  Being that they were a key component to the production, the band was kept content. The schedule was nailed down but an ever present dark cloud loomed over.  Rob and Norm were warned that they could be bumped at any time by any other project that may come into the station, specifically into studio A. 

Regardless, they continued drudging through the steps of production.  With each step, the project began to garner more attention within the station.  Meanwhile, they worked on delivering the graphics package for the show.  That was the easy part for them.  After all, that is their job description- Broadcast Graphic Designers.  They finally got within days of the taping of the climatic segment of the show- the live concert.  Knowing that they needed to make it as successful as possible, Rob and Norm reached into their own pockets and purchased a couple of elements they felt would push the production over the top.  After seeing the altruistic act, the station provided the much needed handheld camera operator. At that point, they were informed that The Gig will be airing as a special within a popular WPBT program- art loft. The pressure was on, but not feared.  The shoot of the live performance went on without a snag, thanks to the hard work of the entire studio crew and especially the audio engineer- Jim Mathis.

The show was edited by Jeremy Nicholson and he delivered a nicely flowing show with a buildup to the climatic live performance.  Rob and Norman continue to work on securing funds to make The Gig into a standalone program and a fixture in WPBT’s broadcast schedule.